March 14, 2022

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Creative Storytelling: Why Your Videographer is the Most Important Vendor You’ll Book

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When it comes to wedding videography, it’s important to book a videographer who can not only beautifully capture your day, but capture it in a way that is authentic to who you are as a couple.

You don’t want just a videographer – you want a filmmaker. Someone who will showcase the essence of both your personalities in a way that is natural, yet refined.

You want a storyteller.

Creative Storytelling: Why Wedding Videography Matters

Aside from your wedding dress and perhaps a framed copy of your invitation suite, your wedding video and photos are ultimately the only things you’ll be able to keep from your wedding day.

As with any past event, your wedding day will eventually begin to fade from memory – that’s why these mementos and keepsakes are so important! They are your key to keeping those moments alive forever, and to sharing them with future generations.

But wedding videography is so much more than simply capturing video footage of your wedding day.

Instead, you want to hire a wedding videographer who knows how to tell your story and weave it in and out of your wedding film.



How Videographers Tell Your Story

Storytelling is a beautiful and creative process, but it takes time and practice to perfect this art. The music chosen, the order in which the scenes are presented, the voice overs used – all of this serves to trigger emotions and memories that contribute to that story.

Like any artistic process, different videographers will have different techniques and styles for story telling. At Conder Media, we strive to get to know you as a couple, long before your wedding day arrives, so that we can create storylines that align with your personality and your vision for the day.

How you remember your day is largely our responsibility, and we consider that a huge honor. We’ve helped hundreds of couples relive their day with beautiful wedding videography, and yes, it’s always a humbling experience when another couple trusts us with their wedding legacy.

Three Questions to Ask Your Videographer about Their Storytelling Process

1. How do you tell the story of our wedding day?

If you’re speaking with someone who knows what they’re doing, they’ll have an answer ready for you! It may not be their most polished response – as videographers, we often get asked about pricing and packages more than we get asked about our artistic process. But a good videographer will be able to reflect on their work and answer your question by explaining what moments they look for during the wedding, or how they let your personality impact the final film.

Other questions you could ask include “how do you choose the music for our film?”, “how do you determine the length of the film?” or “what types of voiceovers do you use?”

Any of these questions should lead to interesting discussion – which is exactly what you want!

2. What do you enjoy most about being a videographer?

This question is a great way to turn the tables during your interview (in a friendly way) and find out what makes your videographer tick. You may even get some great stories out of them!

As a dad, I often find myself thinking ahead to my own daughter’s wedding – how I’ll feel walking her down the aisle or sharing a father daughter dance with her during her reception. It’s enough to make anyone weepy, but it also reminds me that what I do as a videographer is more than just a job or career – this is a gift. My gift to you is to capture those moments so that you have them forever and can relive them long after your wedding day.

At Conder Media, my goal is always to capture you authentically and in a way that is beautiful and timeless – after all, these are YOUR memories and it’s a huge honor to help encapsulate your story!

3. How will our personalities be reflected in your work?

Any artist can make a beautiful film – after all, the fundamentals of videography apply to any couple or film we produce. But it’s our dedication to getting to know you as a couple and as individuals that sets us apart from other Louisville wedding videographers.

Where you come from, your family and friend groups, the way you smile when he takes your hand or the way he holds you close on the dance floor – that’s all part of your story. Those elements can’t just be filmed and thrown together in a video – there’s an art to personalizing your wedding film.

Conder Media is a Premier Wedding Cinematography Company serving Louisville KY, IN, TN, OH & beyond. We deliver Wedding Films Handcrafted with Love. 

At Condor Media, our team takes time to chat with you on zoom or Facetime or grab coffee with you several times before your wedding day. We take copious notes about how you met, what you like to do as a couple, and what’s most important to you.

We use this, and the specific, individual shots we take during your wedding day, to create a wedding film that reflects who you are. It’s actually what makes our job so enjoyable and the reason we get out of bed each morning – to serve you in a way that makes sense for you.

If you have questions about our storytelling process, please reach out on Instagram or our website. I’m always happy to help any couple that comes my way – no matter what!

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