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I’ve been filming weddings since 2018. I’ve been able to work alongside some of the coolest couples I’ve ever met and serving them to make their day the best day ever!

I enjoy merging footage from the day with audio from the day. Such a great way to help tell the story of your day is with couple letters, toasts, ceremony audio, and custom vows! Great lighting has the potential to make your day much better. The better! The more natural light you can get! Movement is something I love about films. It adds a new level of realism to the pictures, making them seem less rigid and more lifelike.

I enjoy collaborating with wedding photographers to ensure that you have beautiful photographs and films on the big day. I enjoy being able to record video while the photographer is shooting their photos. This allows us to do two things at once. I'll come in and direct a moment when I get the inspiration for something that would be really cool. I like to keep things fairly simple. I endeavor to capture who you are and the day as it is!

I totally understand how you feel! I enjoy getting to know my couples before the wedding day, especially if we haven't met before. Therefore, it appears that you are being filmed by a friend on your wedding day. On the wedding day, I like making my couples comfortable. Hauling large cameras or big microphones won't be a part of my job.

The music is all licensed and copyrighted. I enjoy getting to know each couple and discovering what makes them unique and what kind of wedding you'll have. This helps me pick out songs that suit you and your partner!

That's correct! For each couple, I edit every video. I will never outsource your editing to another editor.

60-second sneak peeks are delivered 48-72 hours after the wedding, and your wedding film will be delivered digitally 12-16 weeks later. This period might grow from 16 to 20 weeks during peak wedding season.

It is, without a doubt, yes. Once you've booked, feel free to add on as many extras as you'd like. Let me know by just messaging me!

I do provide the unedited footage. Nevertheless, since these include multiple camera angles and synced audio, I believe a complete ceremony edit, full dance edit, or full toast edit may provide more value.

Yes, the short answer is yes! While I adore traveling for weddings, the majority of my weddings take place in KY/TN/IN. Creating something really amazing and adventurous for you would be my dream come true! I would love to join you on your wedding day. Louisville, KY is included in the 100-mile radius.

Wedding days can be challenging. But your payments and contracts should'nt have to. Online payments and contracts are used for all transactions. Credit or debit cards, as well as bank transfers, are both options for payment. In order to secure your day, I need a 30% retainer that's paid when you book me. The balance is paid off in 30 days, with no interest, before the wedding. The reservation process takes about 5 minutes. Credit cards/debit cards are not charged extra.

I enjoy getting to know my clients on a personal level. Meeting new people and learning about their lives is a wonderful thing. We'll set up a time to FaceTime or Zoom so I can know you and your story once you've booked. I'd love to treat you to coffee if you're a Louisville resident! We'll discuss specifics about the day as the wedding day approaches. I can also speak with your wedding planner to make your life simpler if you have one!

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