The Experience


Wedding Videography

Authentic and natural wedding videography for fun-loving humans who want their unique love story told, creatively and beautifully.


One of the most important journeys in your life is about to begin.

The best part is that you get to celebrate your wedding with your closest and dearest ones! You’re getting married to the love of your life.

Weddings are about appreciating the love you have for one another, your distinct perspective on life together, and your ties to your family and friends. I believe that capturing the spirit of your wedding day is best accomplished through videography.

My videos are all about you in love, and they’re so much more than just some highlights of your day. I’ll record the really significant moments as they happen in front of my camera.

Most couples don’t like having their pictures or videos taken. As a result, my responsibility as a wedding videographer is to make you feel comfortable in front of the camera, bring out the joy and unscripted moments, using light and nature as my primary battleground.

I thrive on discovering distinct sites, and I’m here to assist you through the process of creating a wedding day schedule that is full of purposeful and memorable moments.

Kyle Conder - Founder / Creative Director

Your love for each other and unique take on life together, all poured into one great wedding celebration. I am here to turn the everlasting memories into a tangible work of art.

How I Work


My style and work are unique and so is my workflow from the beginning to the end.

It's a simple 5 step process


True to You

I regard you as a person, and I'm committed to telling your narrative well. As a result, you have the power to preserve your experiences exactly as you recall them. It's your moment and I want you to enjoy it (and forget I'm even there!) so I won't push you to pose or smile just to get the 'perfect' shot. I adore voyeuristic videos that capture glimpses of unedited reality.


Connection & Trust

I love capturing people in love and really connecting with them, which is why I do what I do. We're pals when we're working together, and pals trust one another. Are you uncomfortable during these meetings? Don't know what to do. Trust me, I got you - I'll be your hype man (I'll take care of you) in short.


Undefined Style

Every story has its own unique flavor. That's why I want to tell yours in a way that no one else can. I don't just slap a pre-made video together and call it good - I intentionally create each one to accurately capture the essence of your tale that spans the whole gallery with care, precision, and warmth.


Here to Help

If you're stuck on an idea or don't know what you want out of the session, I'd love to work with your brilliant concepts! Before you even walk in front of the camera, I am here as a coach to boost your confidence.



On weekdays, I am generally available. Get in touch if your date falls on a weekend, and we'll see what we can do to make it happen!



You’re here because you’re engaged to the love of your life and I’m extremely excited for you! You’re in the right place.

Our Wedding Videography Begins at 3000, However our average clients invest between 5000-8000


Every wedding is unique, and we capture yours perfectly.

  • Guest Interview

    Guest Interviews add-on allows us to cover your guests and interview them about your relationship, family, and wedding day. These interviews may range from heartfelt words of appreciation from grandparents to ridiculous commentary from your friends. Trust us; the conversations we have heard could fill a book.

  • Commemorative Video Book

    The Commemorative Video Book add-on is a linen-bound bespoke heirloom wedding video book featuring a gorgeous video display. Simply open the cover, and your wedding day will come to life.

  • Drone Coverage

    Drone coverage add-on allows you to elevate your wedding film with a stunning aeriel perspective that is incredibly unique.

  • Additional Hour

    The night is young and the drinks are flowing! This add-on allows you to add additional coverage time to capture even more of the magic happening at the reception.

  • Engagement / Save The Date Film

    The engagement/ save the date film addon is the perfect way to announce your upcoming wedding. Catered to you, engagement videos are filmed to capture your personality with you and your fiancé in a beautiful, cinematic experience.

  • Full Ceremony Edit

    The full ceremony edit add-on is a documentary style edit of your wedding ceremony, from start to finish. If your ceremony is an hour long, then your Ceremony Edit will be an hour long. If it’s 15 minutes and 23 seconds, your Ceremony Edit will be 15 minutes and 23 seconds. Unless you ask us to, we leave nothing out.

  • Raw Footage

    Raw footage is the footage of your wedding day, straight from our camera. This add-on is for the couple and their family who want to see all their family and friends living in the moment. Living as if no one’s watching. Relive the most important parts of your day in full, unedited clips.

Cherish Your Memories in MOTION

A new way to relive the stories that matter most.

Play Video
These Emotion Books are linen-bound video albums featuring a gorgeous display, built in audio, customizable cover, 4GB of onboard memory, easy drag & drop file loading and so much more. Simply open the cover and your special video will come to life.

Always ready to play

Open the video book cover and your memories come to life – instantly.

Easy to use

Simply connect the video book to any computer and upload your videos.

Timeless design

The classic linen design helps elevate the visual and tactile experience.

Perfect gift

These Books are the new family albums that can easily be gifted and enjoyed anytime.

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I’m looking forward to collaborating with couples who are full of life, aren’t afraid to laugh, and have a genuine connection with one another. I enjoy getting to know my couples and customizing a creatively constructed video to suit your needs! I can’t wait to hear from you! Within 24 hours, I’ll get back to you with the information you’ve provided.